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Featured on the FRONT COVER of MUSCLEMAG December with IFBB PRO Brandon Curry. (Check out the Photo Below)

Ingeniously Designed to Optimize Any Fitness Routine. Our patented, Versa Gripps are a staple for weightlifters and personal trainers all over the world. Recognized by "Mens Fitness", "Flex", "Muscular Development", "Iron Man", "Oxygen", "Musclemag" (we made their top "Wish List" for gear) and "Muscle & Fitness" magazines as the essential fitness products for any workout routine, as well as bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, power lifting and strength training. This All-In-One Self-Supporting grip assist is the most effective way to increase strength, muscle mass and stamina by eliminating grip fatigue and enhancing muscle isolation. Ergonomically developed for any pulling or pushing exercise, Versa Gripps replace weightlifting gloves, hooks, and lifting straps.  The Most Advanced Training Accessory in the World.  TRAIN BETTER with Versa Gripps at

Today, Versa Gripps grace the pages and covers of top fitness magazines and have become the standard for weightlifters all over the world. Advocated by IFBB Pro's such as Dexter Jackson, Joel Stubbs, Johnnie Jackson, Hidetada Yamagishi, Monica Brant and Jenny Lynn; and trainers to the stars Charles Glass and Gunnar Peterson.

Fitness Editors like: Dave Goodin ("Iron Man magazine"), Dr. Jim Stoppani ("Muscle & Fitness" magazine), Jimmy Pena (, Dr. Clay (of "The Dr. Clay show"), Tosca (author of "The Eat Clean Diet"), and magazine publisher mogul, Robert Kennedy - all use and love Versa Grips.

Hollywood celebrities workout with Versa Gripps. They are also used in the training programs of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, New England Patriots, and the US Olympic Team. Revolutionized your workout with the most advanced weight lifting gloves/weight lifting straps on the market.  Simply put, there is no other grip assist that can compare to Versa Grips. Proven by the Pros who love them. 

Patent number 5813950 Power Grip USA, INC