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Now you will be able to expand your line of Fitness Accessories by providing customers with products that moves them to their Next Level of Performance Excellence! Manufactured in the USA for guaranteed quality, Versa Gripps Series is the perfect fitness accessory to complement and enhance your product line. Our prices are competitive and in keeping with industry trends.

Versa Gripps have an incredible reputation in the fitness industry. In fact, there is no other product that can compare to their functionality and proven performance. Designed to solve the awkward limitations of both gloves and lifting straps; Versa Gripps are in a category all their own. Manufactured in the USA for guaranteed quality, Versa Gripps are the most versatile fitness accessory on the market for men & women. (click below for:)



To get started on becoming a wholesale dealer of Versa Gripps, please fill-out the above Online Wholesale Dealer Application. Once we have your application, we will submit it to our Review Board for approval. If you are approved, we will send you an email with further instructions on placing your first Versa Gripps order. Call us today 207.422.2051, for more information. If you are already an account of ours, feel free to download the Order Form and fax us an order: 207.422.6572. You may also download our Product Line.  Wholesale Dealer Inquires: info@versagripps.com