October 3, 2009
Versa Grips = Love
"Although it was my lighter/high rep back day, I used my new Versa Grips arrived yesterday. I'm in love! It was effortless and for once, I felt everything in my back instead of my forearms. I'm going to bring them again tomorrow to see if the wrist part is supportive enough to be sufficient for chest training."

September 1, 2009
"5.0 out of 5 stars. Better performance and durability than anything. Bottom line: Forget hooks/gloves/traditional wraps. For bodybuilders, this replaces them all. As far as Pro vs. Classic; if you are lifting over 300lbs in any direction go Pro. Otherwise go Classic. Get the Fit for your woman and she'll experience the same benefits."

sAugust 9, 2009
"Bought a pair in venice beach last year and they have to be the best thing i have ever used. . . never train back without them!!!" - Mark Palfery

starsJuly 17, 2009

"These are the best. I put all of my clients on them. Everyone loves them. They grip better than hooks and feel more natural. I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone. You will be able to lift more at the target muscle rather than cut it short because your grip is going out. 5 star recommendation from me." - Michael Burns

starsJuly 3, 2009
"Versa Gripps are awesome!!! I got the Jenny Lynn ones, wait til you see my v-taper this summer!"
- Regina LeBlanc - Fitness Competitor

June 23, 2009
"I will never use a strap or a hook ever again now that I have Versa Gripps!" - Mark DiDominick Bodybuilder

starsJune 11, 2009
"Versa Grips is where it's at for hardcore training !!" - Josh King - NPC Competitive Bodybuilder

June 4, 2009
"I switched to these after seeing a guy at the gym with a pair and I like them a lot. I actually use them over my regular lifting gloves, but you can use them by themselves too. Definitely the most used product in my bag."
- K. Curtis "KC" (Pasadena, CA)

starsMay 30, 2009
The Best
These are the best grips ever. If you are thinking of purchasing some other brand, don't. These are a little more expensive but worth every penny. Buy Versa Gripps and you won't be disappointed. - Gregory Tedder (Dayton, Ohio)

starsMay 6, 2009
Actually I stole these grips from my trainer, Shayne Cahill. After using them I told him he wasn't getting them back. They were the most amazing strap I've tried. Thanks and keep making them. Everyone should use them! - Tim G.

starsApril 24, 2009
Best Grips Ever!
The best grips ever, period. I know you may be sceptical due to the unconventional look, however, they out perform anything on the market. Imagine picking up heavy weight using your grips/straps and not needing to use two hands or a lifting partner to help tighten them.

starsMarch 16, 2009
Will never use lifting straps again!
I have been lifting for almost 30-years (46-years-old now). A pro-bodybuilder suggested Versa Gripps. I had never heard of them before, but THESE ARE GREAT. Then, when you do rows or chins, you "reverse wrap" the glove to get a vise-like hold on the bar. All your fingers need to do is apply enough pressure to keep the wrap from unwinding. I can lift heavier weight with less finger strain and my joint pain is beginning to disappear after 2 months. Versa Gripps are a great product.

starsFebruary 17, 2009

Extra Power!

Versa grip is an excellent product for serious people who are seriousabout their work out. It give you an extra push to lift more and withmore reps. When lifting it takes away all the strain from your elbowarea and hands by concentrating around the wrist I highly recommended. - A. Acuna

February 18, 2009

Ithink your Versa Gripps PRO-Series product is maybe one of the finestinnovations to enter the lifting scene. I have been lifting for 25years and was a former competitive Power-Lifter and Olympic-Lifter. Afootball injury and a surgically repaired hand had limited my abilityto do Olympic Lifts. Your Versa Gripps has given me the ability to dothose lifts again. This will be my third pair. - Thanks, Brett Wixom

5 star ratingJanuary 20, 2009
Ireceived this product in a very timely fashion. It was the correctsize and the individual receiving this gift was very pleased with it.

5 star ratingDecember 27, 2008
BEST Lifting Product!!
Mytrainer suggested looking into this product when the weights I waslifting were too heavy for my hands to hold. This product enables meto complete my sets without ever losing my grip of the bar that I'musing. The absolute BEST aid for any serious lifter!

5 star ratingNovember 30, 2008
Hi Versa Gripps. I absolutely Love my pair of Versa Gripps. I weight160 pounds with 5% body fat and I am lifting 200 pound dumbell singlearm bent over rows 10 times! I would not normally be able to do this ifI was not using Versa Gripps. Thanks so much for making such anamazing product and for allowing me to max-out the heaviest dumbell Ican find! It would be great to do an advertisement that shows how hugeVersa Gripps are in isolating pure muscle strength!!! - Ryan Kleinert

5.0 out of 5 starsNovember 17, 2008
These are awesome straps for serious lifters they beat out the neopreneand cloth straps and are faster to use in a workout..more durable touse as well..great straps. - A. Alvarez ("Tony") (Chicago)

5.0 out of 5 stars
October 20, 2008
I worried about aggravating my tendinitis when deadlifting. I certainlydon't any more! These grips do an incredible job of taking the stressoff my wrists! - R. Schrack (New York)

5 star ratingSeptember 9, 2008

Great lifting grips!
Man these things work great, a good addition to my work out. Especially essential for the back work out, as I have accomplished tremendousgains in that area. I only wish I would have caught on earlier. - Paul C. Turner
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