The Science Behind Versa Gripps

By Michael S. Parker
Founder and Developer

"I absolutely LOVE (my) Versa Gripps and would never even consider training back without them! They are comfortable, easy to use, and quite simply... they WORK!" - Dr. Clay

Dr. Clay Hyght
Doctor of Chiropractic, Bodybuilder
& Host of The Doctor Clay Show

Our grip is our weakest and most vulnerable link to a successful workout regiment. Like a chain, we are only as strong as our weakest link. The success of our workout depends upon our connection to the weight. Fatigue, due to high repetitions using lighter weights or failure due to a heavy weight, is caused by an unsupported and/or unprotected grip. This can result in dropping the weight; a set cut short due to loss of focus; or injury.

The grip is comprised of a group of small finger flexor muscles in the forearm. These finger flexor muscles (see diagram) are connected to the fingers by tendons passing through the wrists. Also running through the wrists, are arteries for blood flow and nerves. These small finger flexor muscles allow the hands to hold onto and carry the weight on the weightlifting bar. In order to gain maximum development and isolation of the larger muscles in the body - such as the back, arms and chest - the grip and hands need to be protected and supported.

Hand diagram

Versa Gripps eliminates grip fatigue and failure, allowing the user to concentrate on the larger muscle groups while not thinking or worrying about one's grip. When you no longer have to worry about losing your grip or your grip becoming tired, you will then be able to concentrate and appreciate the mind/muscle connection. Huge gains will be experienced.

Versa Gripps are used for all pushing (as in the bench press) and pulling (as in the deadlift) movements in strength training. The patented Versa Gripps take the place of gloves, lifting straps, hooks and wrist supports. By using Versa Gripps, both movements are accomplished safely, easily and comfortably.

Unlike lifting straps - that are difficult to use, particularly over your head - Versa Gripps are flexible, self-supporting and stand-up in front of your hand. This design makes it quick and easy to reach by the tips of the fingers on the same hand that is wearing them.

The gripping portion is made of a proprietary material that is reinforced tough, is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This gripping material is engineered just for Versa Gripps, to be tacky and remain grippy throughout the life of the product. The grip is made wide enough to cover the width of the hand for protection from the knurls of the weightlifting bar, and against calluses. Other weightlifting gloves encase the entire hand and become a playground for bacteria and disease. Versa Gripps allow the hand to breath, with freedom of movement for the fingers and the thumb.

Another valuable safety feature is their ability - should it become necessary - to immediately release the weight. Simply let go. This is not possible when using straps or hooks.