Dexter Jackson

Mr. Olympian Champion 2008
Arnold Classic Champ

"I am a bodybuilder, so lifting heavy weights is my job. Versa Gripps allows
me to lift more poundage than ever before and I noticed amazing gain in
muscle mass. Thanks to this great product, I won the Arnold Classic."

Jenny Lynn

2X Figure Olympian Champion

"Versa Gripps are awesome. . . "

Ronnie Coleman

8X Mr. Olympia Champion

"Thank you for making The Best type of protection for your hands, they have allowed me to lift more weight without injury."


Brenda Rahe

WNBF 2009 Pro Natural US Cup 1st Women's Ltwt / Pro Womens' Overall Champ

"Once I used Versa Gripps I was sold on them instantly! Versa Gripps are comfortable, secure, less cumbersome (no-wrapping required!) and wow
the gains I made in strength & size in such a short time were incredible!"

Monica Brant

IFBB Fitness Olympia Champ / IFBB Pro Athlete

"I was first introduced to Versa Gripps while training for the IFBB Fitness Olympia. I was training 'Back' heavy and needed that extra 'grip and hold'
on the heavier weights. After just the first workout, I vowed I would never
mess around with old fashioned straps."



Rob Brown

WNBF Pro Athlete

"Versa Gripps has enhanced my weight training 110%. It has increased
my strength and given me my entire edge back when lifting at the gym.
Never will I use another type of glove or straps again. Use Versa Gripps
and get the best results from your training!"

Dr. Jim Stoppani

Senior Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness Magazine

"I received the Versa Gripps Pro Series and hat. I love them!"



Fitness Consultant ABC News / Author of "The Everything Flat Belly Cookbook"

"Versa Gripps are not made to be soft; they're made to do a job. Great for both heavy lifters and those with weak or arthritic hands and wrists."



Dan Kalbfleish

5-time US Sumo Champ

"Thanks for the great product. Versa Gripps Pro let's my muscles do the
work, and saves my grip for my opponent's mawashi (sumo belt)!"

Miryah Jade Scott

Fitness Model

"The Versa Gripps are fantastic! Typically I have been limited in pulling
exercises by the strength of my hands, but the Versa Gripps allow me
to pull so much more weight while doing back exercises! Great product!"

Daphne Bascom

Title Competitor

"I am amazed by Versa Gripps every time I work out with them. Versa
Gripps have allowed me to increase the weights I am using and focus
on the primary muscle group being worked, rather than that burning in
my hands and forearms that usually occurs. I am able to use better form
for all sets and reps which contribute to improve my physique."

Rusty Jeffers

NPC Master National Champion

"I love the Versa Gripps Professional, I use them on every back routine."


Linda Rose Murphy

Professional Fitness Athlete, FAME/WNSO

"Versa Gripps are Great! I used to get frustrated because my grip on the
weights would be the first thing to give. With Versa Gripps, I can lunge the
entire track and not have to worry about how it feels holding the weights.
My friends are always asking to borrow them!"



Dr Clay

Kathy McClare

WNBF Pro America Champion

"I love using my Versa Gripps! By using these gripps, my chins, deadlifts
and shrugs have increased in strength tremendously!"

Wash Candido

Fitness Model

"So, please tell me that you guys figured out a way to add something to
my gripps so I can label them and they will stop growing legs? Please."

Dr. Clay

Host of "The Doctor Clay Show"
Doctorate in Chiropractic

"It seems to be pretty unanimous that Versa Gripps rock!"

Laura Creavalle

Runner Up for Ms. Olympia,
3 Time IFBB Ms. International

"My grip is better, stronger and more secure. I can use much heavier
weights in all back exercises and pressing motions. Versa Gripps will
enjoy great success as they are unique and self supporting. As a result
of using Versa Gripps, my size is increasing."


Carla Salotti

NPC Nationals Ltwt Champion; IFBB Pro

"I love Versa Grips. They are better, more comfortable and less bulky than straps. They are a must for training back, performing pullups, and anything
else where I am pulling. They last forever too!!! There is no way I would be
able to make the gains I do without Versa Gripps!!!

Danielle Hollenshade

IFFB Pro Athlete

"VersaGripps are the greatest grips ever invented! It changed my world
in terms of training back. My back has always been my lagging bodypart
and I could never lift as heavy as I needed nor could I get thefeel.The day
I was introduced to Versa Gripps was a new day in termsof back. I finally
got all the focus only on my back."
dan decker

Dan Decker

Fitness Model

"I love using Versa Gripps! They are far better than any straps I've used
in the past."








Moe El Moussawi

2009 Ironman Pro (2nd Place)

Wearing: "Npc tank top, Spandex shorts on leg day, loose shorts or sweat pants other days, black Nike Air Jordan shoes, Versa Gripps during back workouts."
(Flex Magazine article, July 2009 issue)

Kelly Reighard

Figure Competitor

"Couldn't get through my day without them!!! I caught my husband trying to
steal them for his workout, so I bought him a pair too!"

Michael A. Spitzer

Bodybuilder & Musician

"I have tried virtually every form of hook, wrap and glove on the market.
Let's be honest - gloves may be nice for cushioning our palms but does
nothing to help finger joints. Then I found your Versa Gripps!

Victor Delcampo

Pro Bodybuilder

"I love Versa Gripps. I started using them a year ago. This year I trained harder using Versa Gripps. I lifted heavier weights for more reps then I ever have before. This October I plan to hit the stage at the NPC nationals and win. If I do win, I know that Versa Gripps played a huge part in my training this year! I can not imagine training without them."

Noel Gordon

Executive Editor of "The Trusted Fitness Guide"
& Competitive Bodybuilder

"Since using Versa Gripps Pro I haven't looked back, nothing comes close!"

Pete "Too Tall" Fields

Pro Football Player
Pittsburgh Power of the AFL

"To be the best you have to work with the best. Versa Gripps are the best thing to come into strength and fitness for some time now. Thank you."

CJ Sanders

Fitness Model

"Thanks for giving me the proper support I need when I train."

Daniel Dry


"I almost missed my bus yesterday! But thanks to versa gripps i had the chance to grab the rear of the bus!"

Julia Wold

Figure Competitor

Hey Versa Gripps!!! Wow! Seriously, what a fantastic product you have! I competed in Brenda Rahe's first show this past weekend. I won the Overall Ms. Fit Body and in my competitors bag were a set of Versa Gripps. I lifted Chest and Back this Monday morning and they are seriously the best.

Timothy Gordon


"There is no comparison on the planet to Versa Gripps.
By far the best weightlifting tool available!"

Jerome Ferguson

IFBB Pro Athlete

"Versa Gripps are Great! I use them all the time."

Mike Woicik

The New England Patriots

"Thanks for your Great Versa Gripps!"

Jarrod Marshall


"As a firefighter and recreational boxer, keeping in shape is vital to my life
and health. I was diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis in my left arm, due to
the wear and tear of pulling iron repeatedly. I have been using my Versa
Gripps for about two months now and I am now back to resistance training
since my grip fatigue on all pulling exercises has been greatly diminished
almost to the point of being eliminated. Your product is exceptional!!!!"

Matthew Beeners

Mr. Trainer

"I ordered your Versa Gripps about 8 months ago after reading about them
in Iron Man Magazine. Your product is a life saver. Whether I'm shrugging
515lbs or one-arm rowing with 155 lbs, Versa Gripps grabs on tightly and comfortably. Now, I don't even think about my grip, which is exactly what I wanted when I purchased them."

Nutritional Technologies

"When given a choice between conventional straps, hooks or gloves, we go
for Versa Gripps every time!"

Jamie J. Harris

Won Strongest Conventional Bench Presser International Power Lifting Association Executive Board Member

"Light years ahead of conventional straps. They are self-supporting, natural, tight grip, and comfortable. This product will revolutionize the LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF CONVENTIONAL STRAPS. THEY ARE SELF SUPPORTING... NATURAL... TIGHT GRIP... AND COMFORT. THIS PRODUCT WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE WRAP BUSINESS. With the weights I am handling, I have put the device to my own standard of test and was quite impressed. I would recommend the Versa Gripps over any other hand type lifting aid, as it is truly one of a kind."

Jere Becker

Professional Trainer and Owner of Body by Becker

"I have seen nothing but great results! Shortly after buying my first pair, I
began switching some of my experienced clients to Versa Gripps because
of their frustration and dissatisfaction with similar devices. I have had to loan
my own pair to my less experienced clients.

The more experienced lifters enjoy the unique design, while the beginners discover the importance of and appreciate the improvement in their grip. In
my opinion, Versa Gripps genuinely sell themselves. Once my clients feel
the difference for themselves, they are convinced. I am proud to be able to provide a top quality product to my clients."

Scott VanPatten

Competitive Weight Lifter/Body Builder Iron Games Body Building

"I love using these grips. They help me achieve more lifting goals than I could ever imagine. This is an excellent product. Amazing capability to stand up by themselves along the front of my hand...I can wrap the grip around the bar or weight in seconds, using only my fingertips."

Steve Holman

Editor in Chief, IRONMAN Magazine

"AMAZING PRODUCT... I reviewed the Versa Gripps in the March 1997
issue and gave the product a big thumbs up."

MAJ John Espinosa

United States Military

"I want to let you know that this is such a great product. I bought my first
pair of Versa Gripps when I deployed for the first year of Operation Iraqi
Freedom (2003). I have had many a great workout with these gloves over
the past five years. I brought them with me to Iraq for what I thought would
be a year of great trap and back workouts.

Unfortunately I left them behind one day in the gym and somebody picked
them up. I was a little steamed at first but then I thought that I got five years of great use out of them, maybe the soldier who took them will have some great workouts as well. If you need anymore info just let me know."