Carissa Johnson

"I started to get serious about fitness in 2010. At that time my best friend gave me the best gift ever, my first pair of Versa Gripps. I've been the biggest fan of them ever since, especially since grip is usually the first thing to go for me when I'm lifting heavy. Versa Gripps have allowed me to build muscle that I could have never done without using this product." - Carissa Johnson


Carissa Joy Johnson is a Colorado native, fit mom to a precious 1 year old, a proud wife of a flight medic and competitive CrossFitter; she's a CSCS, a WBFF Pro, a sponsored athlete*, a published fitness model, and Administrative Assistant for Negretti & Associates. After graduating with her B.S. in Accounting, she realized her true passion is fitness and the rest is history. She has overcome some significant setbacks in her fitness journey, but by God's grace and with the support and love of her family and friends she persists. 


*Nutrition 53, HMB, BetaTOR, Peak ATP and Performance Panties


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @CarissaJfitness