"Being a member of the Versa Gripps Team is one of the most enjoyable work experiences I've ever had! We are a diversified group, but as a team we are supportive of each other both inside and outside of the workplace. We are all trained to do multiple positions, so you never become bored doing the same thing day after day. I work in one of the most beautiful areas of Maine with some of the best people. This is not just a job... this is a family!”



Hiking (particularly in Downeast Maine)

Ice Skating

Raising Chickens

Home Improvement Projects



Favorite Versa Gripps:

Pro Series in Mint


Gayle moved to Maine in 1980 from Wisconsin. She lived in the Bath area where both of her kids attended school and graduated before moving out of state to begin their lives. She and her husband moved to Washington County two years ago when her husband accepted a position with the federal government. They purchased a home on 10 acres that borders the Chandler River. The prior owner was an avid gardener, so they have an enormous rhubarb patch, raspberries, and nearly an acre of wild blueberries. She has 10 hens and a rooster that give plenty of eggs. When there are too many, they give the excess to friends and coworkers! The population of Washington County is 13 people per square mile... rural to say the least! She and her husband enjoy spending time at home working on indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. When she's not at work, you'll most likely find her on the lawn tractor, mowing the grass, working on a tiling project, or with a paint brush in her hand.