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If you know someone who practically lives at the gym, a fitness-related gift for the holidays is a no-brainer. If you’re worried they already have everything, fear not. Even gym rats who have their workout routines down to a science can always use some self-care and recovery products.

Unless they’ve been dropping serious hints—as in, “I need that rowing machine this year”— it’s best to stick with practical gifts, like a good pair of weightlifting grips. Don’t make them reshuffle the guest bedroom just to accommodate your gift.

Fitness trackers, app subscriptions, or class bundles are great choices. Then there’s activewear, which is always a safe gift, especially considering that most of us basically live in athleisure wear these days. 

Here are 10 gift ideas for the avid gym-goer, yoga lover, or muscle head in your life.

1: Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones or earbuds give your favorite gym-goer the freedom to move without getting tangled up in cords, and listening to music or podcasts is a great way to make cardio workouts fly by.

Over-ear headphones are ideal for uninterrupted workouts (and dodging Chatty Cathys at the gym). Earbuds that hook over the ears are great for workouts with lots of movement. Look for headphones/earbuds that are sweat and water resistant for better durability. 

2: Weightlifting grips

Quality weightlifting grips are an essential accessory for any serious lifter. Grips help lifters get a better hold of the bar, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.

Versa Gripps are like gloves, hooks, and straps all in one. They can be used for all pushing and pulling exercises—a claim other brands simply can’t make. Versa Gripps boost mind-muscle connection by putting the lifter’s focus on the movement—not their grip. Find a pair of Versa Gripps for everyone on your list.

3: Workout class bundle

At a cost of anywhere between $15 and $50 per session, fitness classes can add up to a huge monthly expense. Gifting a bundle of classes is a great way to help your person stay on track with their favorite activity, whether they’re into SoulCycle, CrossFit, or Pilates. It’s a thoughtful gesture for anyone—but especially friends on a budget.

4: Gym bag

A well-designed gym bag with multiple compartments keeps workout essentials organized and easily accessible, making it a practical gift for regular gym-goers. You’ll want to choose a bag made from durable materials like nylon or polyester that can stand up to humid conditions in the locker room.

If you’re looking for something more stylish than a run-of-the-mill duffel bag, the Go Getter Bag by Lululemon is an elevated take on the classic duffel with an exterior water bottle pocket and an interior padded pocket for your phone, laptop, or iPad.

5: Protein shaker bottle

If you need a small gift for a coworker or someone you don’t know well—but you do know they love a hardcore workout or lifting sesh—a protein shaker bottle is a great option.

Protein shaker bottles come with a mixer ball that simplifies the process of blending protein shakes and supplements, making it a convenient gift for post-workout nutrition. Choose an option with double-wall insulation and a leak-proof design, so they don’t end up with a mess in their gym bag.

6: Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are the perfect motivational tool to help your giftee reach their goals, whether it’s mastering the perfect clean & jerk or running a 10K in under an hour.

Modern fitness trackers do way more than the old-school models, which were basically glorified pedometers. Most options today will monitor your activity levels, heart rate, workout performance, sleep quantity and quality, water intake, calories burned, and more. And clever designs like the Fitbit Luxe look more like a bracelet than a fitness tracker.

7: Adjustable-weight dumbbells

Towers of mismatched dumbbells are a thing of the past with today’s adjustable weight sets. These space-saving options replace traditional dumbbells and are perfect for small workout spaces and home gyms. Users can easily switch between different weight increments, which allows for progressive overload, a fundamental principle of strength training.

Include a pair of Versa Gripps to make the gift extra special. The custom-engineered non-slip material helps lifters get a better grip, so they can focus on their form for a more targeted workout.

8: Personal massager

Give your person the gift of quick and targeted relief for muscle tension and soreness after intense workouts. Deep tissue massage guns are all the rage in the fitness world these days—just be sure to choose a model with plenty of adjustable speed settings and interchangeable massage heads for customization.

If a low-tech option is more your friend’s flavor, this palm-size ergonomic massager was designed by physical therapists to target all the right pressure points. It even safely breaks up scar tissue.

9: Gym apparel

High-quality gym apparel—like moisture-wicking shirts, compression leggings, and yoga pants—are always welcome gifts. These gifts are better for close friends and significant others, since you probably already know their size and preferred brand. If not, try to sneak a peek at their specs to ensure you get the right fit.

10: Smart jump rope

Female gym lover using Versa Gripps during her workout routine

Perfect for every fitness enthusiast, today’s smart devices blow manual jump ropes out of the water. Your gift recipient will love being able to track each workout and monitor their progress over time. Smart jump ropes are affordable, super lightweight, and portable, so they’re great for travel and can be used indoors or outdoors.

This smart jump rope by WeGym has three sensors to precisely track your reps and calories burned and features four jumping modes for different workouts.

Help Your Friends Train Better with Versa Gripps

If you’re looking for the perfect compact gift for a gym rat who lives to lift weights, they’ll love Versa Gripps. Designed to enhance a lifter’s mind-muscle connection, Versa Gripps put a lifter’s focus on the weights—not on their grip.

Versa Gripps are like straps, hooks, and gloves all in one. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, workout after workout. Shop the entire collection and get ready for the holidays.