Strength training is an essential part of a balanced workout routine, but it’s easy to fall into a rut where all you do is cardio, day after day. To reach your full potential, you need to lift weights.

Weightlifting isn’t just for pros and meatheads. Men of all ages can reap the rewards of lifting, from a boost in testosterone levels to better balance and coordination.

To squeeze every inch out of your weight training workouts, you need the right gear. We’re not talking about flimsy men’s weight lifting straps or hand-me-down hooks from the ‘90s. You need a product that works hard—and helps you get results.

Keep reading to learn more about why every guy should lift weights and how Versa Gripps are different from other men’s lifting grips.

What Is Strength Training?

Also known as resistance training, strength training is simply exercise that uses external weights or your own body weight to work your muscles.

You can do strength training with barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, or resistance bands. Moves like pushups and squats also work your muscles by forcing them to contract against the force of gravity.

When using weights, use men’s grips for weight training to improve your grip strength.

Versa Gripps Help You Train Better

Search “men’s grips for lifting” online and you’ll find a veritable ocean of products that claim to help you lift more weight. But the average pair of lifting straps for men are often nothing more than cheap pieces of fabric that wrap around your wrists and the bar.

Versa Gripps are different. Our design team set out to make a better men’s lifting grip—one that provides the support you need and helps you flow through your workout.

Versa Gripps are like weightlifting hooks, straps, and gloves, all in a single product. They protect your wrists and hands and help you grasp the bar, so you can execute every move without worrying about your grip.

Men’s Weightlifting Grips for Beginners and Pros

Versa Gripps are for everyone, regardless of experience. Whether you’re new to weightlifting or have decades under your belt, Versa Gripps can help you get a better workout.

Versa Gripps are like men’s weightlifting straps, hooks, and gloves, all in a single product. It’s why they’re endorsed by so many professional weightlifters, including Olympians. But don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to use Versa Gripps.

Even better, our men’s lifting grips aren’t limited to weight training. You can use our men’s weightlifting grips for all kinds of activities, from landscaping to hauling firewood.

Why Versa Gripps?

Versa Gripps are not like the typical lifting straps for men found online. Our grips are in a category of their own. Versa Gripps make it easy to switch from pulling to pushing moves without stopping to change gear. It’s why our weightlifting grips for men are trusted by top athletes and bodybuilders—including Olympians.

Here’s what sets Versa Gripps apart:

  • * Safety: All Versa Gripps models feature a self-supportive palm piece that allows you to wrap both hands around the bar simultaneously. And each pair of our men’s grips for lifting are designed with a quick-release safety feature, which means you can drop your weights on a dime. This reduces your risk of injury if you get fatigued or lose control of your weights during an intense lifting session.
  • * Versatility: Versa Gripps are like gloves, hooks, and straps, all in one. Use them for all types of pushing exercises (like chest presses and triceps extensions) and pulling exercises (like bicep curls and one-arm rows). This revolutionary design means there’s no changing gear between moves, so you can get a better workout with fewer interruptions.
  • Technology: When you’re focused on your form rather than your grip, you can execute each rep with precision. It’s what experienced lifters call “mind-muscle connection,” and it’s the key to getting the most out of your workouts. Versa Gripps feature custom-engineered non-slip material that improves your mind-muscle connection.

Choose Your Fit

Versa Gripps are designed to provide the hand and wrist support guys need during intense workouts. There’s a Versa Gripps product for pros and beginners alike. Choose your style and take your weightlifting workouts to the next level.

CLASSIC Versa Gripps

The perfect entry-level grip for beginners, our CLASSIC series features a self-supporting grip piece that lets you wrap both grips around the bar independently and a shorter palm piece with a softer feel for extra comfort.


PRO Versa Gripps

Our most popular weightlifting grip, our PRO series features built-in arch support for extra protection, while the gripping portion of the strap safeguards your hands from calluses and other skin injuries.


XTREME Versa Gripps

Our toughest product yet, XTREME Versa Gripps are true to their name, offering the ultimate grip experience. Patented bridging arch support keeps weight off the vulnerable area in the center of the palm, protecting you against carpal tunnel during intense workouts.


Explore the entire Versa Gripps collection to find your perfect grip, and say goodbye to old-school men’s weight lifting straps that put you at risk of injury and don’t deliver results. Versa Gripps help you train better.