Versa Gripps for Women

Want to get leaner, stronger, and fitter? Then you need to lift weights. 

Weight training has all kinds of benefits for women. It’s the best way to build muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest.

Being stronger makes it easier to perform everyday tasks, like lifting heavy objects. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Training with weights can reduce bone loss, improve your balance, and boost your mood. Some research even shows it may improve skin health by “turning on” anti-aging signaling in the body.

Lifting weights just 2-3 times a week for two months can help you gain significant muscle mass and shed unwanted pounds. If you’re worried that weightlifting will bulk you up, don’t. The reality is that it takes a lot of work to build muscle. Lifting weights won’t make you big or bulky (unless that’s your goal). But it can make you fit, strong, and lean.

To make the most of your weightlifting workouts, you need the right gear. Learn how Versa Gripps support your hands and wrists during weight training to help you maximize your workouts—and find out why they’re the only women’s lifting grips you’ll ever need.

Benefits of Weightlifting Grips for Women

Women’s weightlifting grips make your workouts better by enhancing your mind-muscle connection. Here are just a couple of the benefits:

  • Better form: When you’re not worried about losing your grip on the weights, you can focus on your form and lifting technique, making the most of each repetition. This can lead to better results over time.  

  • Injury prevention: By stabilizing your wrists and helping you get a better grip on your weights, women’s weightlifting grips can help you avoid common lifting injuries—like strains and sprains—during moves like deadlifts and clean and jerks.

What Sets Versa Gripps Apart

A quick internet search for women’s wrist straps for lifting will turn up all kinds of products that promise to help you lift weights better.

But standard lifting straps for women are often nothing more than cheap pieces of fabric that wrap around your wrists and the bar. And most women’s weight lifting straps don’t let you switch quickly between pushing and pulling exercises.

Versa Gripps are in a category of their own. These innovative grips are like hooks, straps, and gloves, all in one. It’s why they’re trusted by top athletes and bodybuilders—including Olympians.

Here’s what sets Versa Gripps apart:


All Versa Gripps models feature a self-supportive palm piece that allows you to wrap both hands around the bar simultaneously. Each pair is also designed with a quick-release safety feature, allowing you to release your weights instantly. This can reduce your risk of accidents and injuries if you get fatigued or lose control of your weights.

The XTREME Versa Gripps series features bridging arch support that allows weight to bypass the vulnerable area in the center of the palm. This helps protect you against carpal tunnel.


Versa Gripps are like gloves, hooks, and straps, all in one. Use them for all types of pushing exercises (like chest presses and triceps extensions) and pulling exercises (like bicep curls and one-arm rows).

This versatile design means there's no changing gear between moves, so you can flow through your workout without interruptions.


Versa Gripps are designed with proprietary materials you won’t find in other products, including custom-engineered non-slip material that helps you get a better grip on your weights.

When you’re not worried about your grip, you can focus completely on your form, executing each repetition with precision. This is what weightlifters call “mind-muscle connection,” and it’s the key to getting the most out of your workouts.

Finding the Right Grip

Women have smaller hands than men, on average. We’ve designed our FIT Versa Grippswith a slimmed-down profile and ultra-sleek fit for women and anyone with smaller hands.

If you have larger hands or wrists, you might find that one of our other women's weightlifting grips works better for you. Here’s a snapshot of our products to help you pick the best fit:

CLASSIC Versa Gripps

The perfect entry-level grip for beginners, our CLASSIC series features a self-supporting grip piece that lets you wrap both grips around the bar independently and a shorter palm piece with a softer feel for extra comfort.


FIT Versa Gripps

Rugged durability meets refined style with our FIT series. The slim design is perfect grip for females just starting out, with smaller hands, while the thinner 1-inch wrist strap provides excellent support without getting in the way of your workout.



Our newest weightlifting grip, our FitPro series features built-in arch support for extra protection, while the gripping portion of the strap safeguards your hands from calluses and other skin injuries.



Our toughest product yet, XTREME Versa Gripps are true to their name, offering the ultimate grip experience. Patented U-shaped bridging arch support protects your carpal tunnel during intense workouts.


Explore the entire Versa Gripps collection to find your perfect grip, and say goodbye to old-school women’s weight lifting straps that put you at risk of injury and don’t deliver results. Versa Gripps help you train better.