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Versa Gripps: The Only Accessory You Need for Chest Exercises

Versa Gripps are better than traditional chest workout straps and run-of-the-mill chest workout wrist wraps. It’s why they’re trusted by top athletes all over the world.

Thanks to their innovative design, Versa Gripps are a game changer when it comes to weightlifting performance and safety. Versa Gripps are like straps, hooks, and gloves, all in one. Here’s why you should invest in a pair:

  • Less grip fatigue – Versa Gripps feature proprietary, custom-engineered non-slip material to help you get a better grip. And with built-in arch support and a quick-release safety feature, Versa Gripps help you lift safely while reducing your risk of injury.
  • Better performance – Versa Gripps improve your mind-muscle connection by allowing you to concentrate on the movement without worrying about your grip. They’re the only product you’ll ever need for chest workouts.
  • Superior versatility – Versa Gripps are designed for quick-move transitions. Simply twist the grips to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next. No stopping to adjust your gear.
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Better posture

The back and shoulders get most of the attention when it comes to posture. But your pectoral muscles (pecs) also help you stand tall by supporting your shoulder blades and joints.

If you work a desk job, it’s especially important to exercise your chest muscles with weights and resistance training. Being hunched over a computer all day causes the chest muscles to shrink while simultaneously making the muscles in your back longer. Chest exercises will open up your chest and develop these muscles, helping you stand taller.

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Better functional fitness

Your pectoral muscles help you hold things, squeeze things, pick things up, and push and pull objects. So, it only makes sense that a strong chest can help you push more, lift more, throw more, and carry more. 

Building chest strength is especially helpful for women, who tend to have less muscle mass in the chest than men due to natural anatomical and hormonal differences. Building chest strength can make everyday activities easier—from hoisting boxes to lifting kids and pets to hauling in loads of groceries.

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Enhanced upper body appearance

Regular chest workouts can make your chest look more defined and toned. This can boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about your appearance.

Women often worry that training their chest will make their breasts smaller, but building muscle under the breasts doesn’t take away breast tissue. In fact, chest workouts can help lift the breasts, giving them a slightly larger, more rounded appearance.

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The Problem with Most Chest Exercise Wrist Straps

Poke around online and you’ll see lots of lifting straps for chest workouts that are just simple pieces of sewn cloth or leather that wraps around your wrist and the bar.

These chest weightlifting straps don’t exactly inspire confidence when you’re lifting heavy loads. Chest weightlifting wrist straps are supposed to give you more control over heavy weights, but they’re often uncomfortable to use. And they might even increase your risk of getting injured.

So, what are the best wrist straps for chest exercises? Should you go with chest press lifting grips, chest workout wrist wraps, or lifting grips for chest weightlifting?

Most chest workout straps aren’t very user friendly. Who wants to change gear every time you switch exercises? 

There’s a better solution—one that’s used by top athletes and Olympians: Versa Gripps.

Versa Gripps’ are designed to enhance your mind-muscle connection by allowing you to focus on the muscles you’re targeting without worrying about your grip. 

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Moves That Target the Chest Muscles

Strong pecs not only look good, but they also activate muscles in the back, shoulders, and triceps, aiding with all kinds of upper body movement. Here are some common chest exercises to help you get cut and strong.

  1. Incline dumbbell fly – This move targets the upper chest muscles and activates the pecs in a way that can’t be achieved with a bench press alone.
  2. Incline and decline chest press – The incline chest press activates your pecs, shoulders, and triceps. The decline chest press activates the lower pectoral muscles as you push weight away from your body.
  3. Dumbbell half fly – This move works mostly the pecs, but also the deltoids. It’s good for opening up the chest muscles.
  4. Cable crossover – This is a great move for targeting the lower pecs and muscles in the shoulders and back.
  5. Landmine press – This move activates the triceps, shoulders, chest, and core, while also engaging the glutes and upper back, which help stabilize you.
  6. Y raise – This move works your deltoids and upper back, including the traps and rhomboids.
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