Deadlifting Straps
The Drawbacks of Traditional Deadlifting Straps

The issue with lifting straps is that you have to use two hands to wrap them around the bar. And once locked on, there’s a high risk for injury. If you need to let go of the weight bar, for example, you risk pulling the tendons in your wrists. And since straps are only used for pulling exercises, they’re often tight, cutting off the blood circulation in your wrists.

Versa Gripps are a better alternative to deadlifting straps. With a unique 3-in-1 design—they’re like hooks, straps, and gloves, all in one. And with built-in arch support, a quick-release safety feature, and one-hand grip movement, Versa Gripps help you stay safe during training.

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Wrist Straps for Deadlifting
Why Use Wrist Straps for Deadlifts?

Deadlifting is an excellent way to build strength and muscle, but it can put serious strain on your wrists and hands. When you deadlift, all the weight passes through your wrists and hands, which can leave you susceptible to overextension, wrist failure, and injury.

Investing in quality deadlift wrist wraps or an alternative product—like Versa Gripps—can help you avoid injury and maximize your lifts. Specialized wrist straps for deadlifting can help you:

  • Get a secure and comfortable grip
  • Maintain proper form
  • Stabilize your wrists during heavy lifts
  • Target muscles more effectively
  • Avoid pain and discomfort in the wrists and hands
  • Reduce your risk of injury

Versa Gripps aren’t just for deadlifts. They can provide you with extra support during a variety of exercises, including shrugs, rows, and all pushing exercises like bench press.

Pro Grips Deadlifting Straps
PRO Versa Gripps

Our most popular weightlifting grip, PRO Versa Gripps helps alleviate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling and pushing exercises, for maximum muscle gains. 

Built-in arch support adds extra protection, while the gripping portion of the strap helps lock your hands securely onto the weight. PRO Versa Gripps help you eliminate the need for gloves, traditional lifting straps, wrist supports, and hooks—all in a single product.

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Deadlifting Classic Straps
CLASSIC Versa Gripps

An ideal entry-level option at an affordable price point, CLASSIC Versa Gripps feature a self-supporting grip piece that lets you wrap both grips around the bar independently. Made with a textured, grip-enhancing material, our CLASSIC product offers a shorter palm piece than the PRO Series with a softer feel for additional comfort.

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FIT Versa Gripps wrist grips for deadlifts
FIT Versa Gripps

With a slim, streamlined design, FIT Versa Gripps are the perfect choice for athletes with smaller hands who are lifting weights a few times a week. Our proprietary "non-slip" material ensures a secure grip, while the specially designed grip section is shorter and tapered to help prevent calluses. 

The thinner 1-inch wrist strap provides excellent support without getting in the way of your workout. Practical, functional, and comfortable, FIT Versa Gripps combine rugged durability with refined style.

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XTREME Versa Gripps

Our toughest product yet, XTREME Versa Gripps feature proprietary technology for the ultimate grip experience. Engineered with patented U-shaped bridging arch support, our XTREME grips protect your carpal tunnel during even the most intense workouts. Use these grips for all pushing and pulling exercises.

Which Versa Gripps product is best for you will depend on your preferences and lifting needs. When choosing wrist straps for deadlifts, think about factors like strap thickness, width, and flexibility, as well as the durability and grip strength of the gripping surface.

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How Do You Use Versa Gripps for Deadlifts?

Versa Gripps have a straightforward, easy-to-use design. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Secure the grips around your wrists with the grip pads positioned in front of the palms of your hands.
  2. Position the bar between your palms and the grip pads.
  3. Using your fingertips, roll the top part of the grip around the bar so that the bar sits between the grip and the palm of your hand.
  4. Grip the bar as you usually would while lifting.
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If your grip is failing during deadlifts (or any other exercise), it’s a good idea to use deadlift straps—or better yet, Versa Gripps—which can help you avoid injury and overextension. Don’t wait until you injure yourself. If you're struggling to maintain your grip on the bar, it's time to give deadlifting straps or weightlifting grips a try.

No. Deadlifting straps are simply a tool to help you get the most out of your workout. They don't do the lifting for you—you still need to put in the effort. Using weightlifting straps is no different than wearing supportive shoes or using a weightlifting belt. Straps can help build strength and endurance, especially when working out at your home gym, without a trainer or spotter.

It really comes down to personal preference. Some weightlifters prefer gloves, while others prefer lifting straps. Versa Gripps are better than gloves or straps alone. In fact, they’re a 3-in-1 product that effectively replaces gloves, straps, and hooks.

Versa Gripps’ cutting-edge technology improves your grip to help prevent fatigue and injuries that can set you back. With built-in arch support, a quick-release safety feature, and one-hand grip movement, Versa Gripps offer unparalleled performance. It’s like having straps, gloves, and hooks—all in a single product.