Kendall Pasley

"Sometimes when I lift heavier, I struggle with my grip strength. With Versa Gripps instead of focusing on my grip, they help me hold onto the bar so that I can lift more weight and just focus on form. The cool thing about Versa Gripps is that you can use them for Push and Pull workouts. Not only do they help me with grip strength but they also help my hands from getting as torn up in the gym." -  Kendall Pasley

A 23 year old personal trainer and online fitness coach from Memphis, TN. Kendall Pasley is currently Miss Nashville. She is a YouTuber, social media influencer, and AAAI Personal Trainer. Her most recent work has been with BSN supplements at the Fit Expo in Los Angeles. 


Instagram: @kendallpasleyfit

Facebook and Twitter: @kendallpasley