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Versa Gripps: An Innovative 3-in-1 Solution

Versa Gripps are the best wrist straps for shoulder exercises available today, bar none. Trusted by top athletes all over the world, Versa Gripps are like straps, hooks, and gloves all in one.

Thanks to their innovative design, Versa Gripps are a game changer when it comes to weightlifting performance and safety. Here’s what sets Versa Gripps apart:

  • Technology – Versa Gripps feature proprietary, custom-engineered non-slip material to help you get a better grip, while built-in arch support and a quick-release safety feature reduce your risk of injury.
  • Design – Versa Gripps improve your mind-muscle connection by allowing you to concentrate on the movement without worrying about your grip. They’re the only product you’ll ever need for shoulder workouts.
  • Versatility – Versa Gripps are designed for quick-move transitions. Simply twist the grips to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next. No stopping to adjust your gear.
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The Problem with Most Shoulder Workout Lifting Straps

Do a quick internet search and you’ll find lots of sub-par lifting straps for shoulder workouts. Product makers often claim their shoulder wrist wraps will help you lift heavier weights, but many of these products are just simple pieces of sewn cloth or leather that wrap around the bar and your wrist.

Shoulder workout lifting straps are supposed to give you more control over heavy weights, but they’re often uncomfortable to use. And they might even increase your risk of getting injured. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when you’ve got 200 pounds of iron and steel over your head.

Versa Gripps are a better solution to the common problem of cheap shoulder workout straps. Designed to enhance your mind-muscle connection, Versa Gripps help you focus on the muscles you’re targeting—not your grip on the bar. It’s why they’re the only lifting grips for shoulder weightlifting you’ll ever need.

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10 Moves That Target the Shoulder Muscles

These weight training exercises can help you build shoulder strength. For some of these moves, you’ll need a full gym with machines. For others, all you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells or exercise bands.

  1. Dumbbell and bar front raise – This move mostly targets the anterior deltoids (the front of the shoulder), but also the lateral (side) deltoids, the upper and lower traps, the biceps, and part of the pectoralis major muscle. You can do front raises with dumbbells, barbells, or with exercise bands or cables.
  2. Dumbbell and bar press – This move is one of the best for building large shoulders. It works the deltoids, upper chest, triceps, and traps, but also the biceps, lats, and lower back muscles. Using a barbell will allow you to lift heavier weights. A pair of quality shoulder press grips can help you get a good grip on the bar.
  3. Standing low pulley raise – This move targets the deltoids, but also hits the traps and upper back. It allows you to focus on each side independently and “balance your wings” if one side is stronger than the other.
  4. Upright row cable exercises – This exercise mainly targets the deltoids, but also the upper back muscles and traps.
  5. Standing dumbbell fly – This classic move works the pecs and deltoids while engaging the triceps and biceps for stabilization.
  6. Dumbbell high pull – This compound exercise works the rhomboids and deltoids, plus the lats, traps, biceps, and lower back muscles.
  7. Bentover lateral raise – This exercise is great for targeting the posterior deltoids, an often-neglected muscle. It also works the traps, rhomboids, and rotator cuffs.
  8. Cable-Y raise – This move works all three deltoid heads (anterior, medial, and posterior) equally.
  9. Deadlift shrug – This exercise combines a deadlift and a shrug movement to work the traps and lower back.
  10. Bentover reverse fly – This move targets the rhomboids and muscles of the upper back. Using shoulder workout wrist wraps can help stabilize your wrists during reverse flys.
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