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Professional weightlifter training safely in the gym using Versa Gripps

Weightlifting injuries are common, but they’re almost always avoidable. Whether you’re just starting out with weight training or you’re a bona fide gym rat, the last thing you want is to get sidelined with a rotator cuff tear or strained wrist.

It may seem counterintuitive, but experienced weightlifters are more prone to injury than newbies. That’s because they’re more likely to do complex moves and lift heavier weights.

Weightlifting is unrivaled when it comes to building muscle and boosting metabolism, so don’t let bad form or overconfidence land you in the doctor’s office. Here are 5 ways to prevent injuries when hitting the iron.

1: Get the right gear.

Thousands of workout injuries happen every year from not having the right equipment. Weightlifting grips are essential gear for any serious lifter, but not all products are created equal. If you’re serious about lifting, wrist injury prevention is key, and it pays to invest in a pair of quality grips.

Versa Gripps feature proprietary non-slip material, built-in arch support, and a quick-release safety feature to help you get a good grip on the bar and lift safely. They’re specifically designed to improve your mind-muscle connection, allowing you to maximize each movement. It’s why Versa Gripps are used by some of the top athletes in the world—including Olympians.

2: Don’t skip warm-ups.

How many times have you seen someone jump right into a workout without warming up or stretching for even a nanosecond? It’s a recipe for injury. Even if you’re in top shape, your muscles and tendons are going to be tight when you first strut into the gym. Going in cold puts you at risk of overextending your joints, which can lead to tears, sprains, and strains.

Warm up before every workout. Ride a stationary bike, jog, swim, climb some stairs, or do five to 10 minutes of high-rep, low-weight exercises. Make sure your warm-up exercises work all your muscles, from head to toe.

It only takes a few minutes to get your muscles primed. Don’t skip this important step.

3: Master your form.

Getting your form right is crucial when lifting weights. It will help you avoid injury and ensure you’re working the target muscle groups effectively, maximizing the benefits of your workout. Good form also promotes muscle balance and symmetry. This helps prevent the overdevelopment of certain muscles or “lopsidedness.” 

Consistently practicing good form promotes better body awareness and control, helping you develop a stronger mind-muscle connection. In the long run, practicing good form will allow you to increase weight and intensity over time, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

4: Increase load slowly.

Starting a new program is exciting. You want to get ripped, so you dive in full throttle. Next thing you know you’re holed up with a torn ligament or sprained ankle. You can avoid this sad fate by starting off slowly and increasing your loads gradually.

You should be in control of the weights at all times. If you find yourself throwing your weights up and down or relying on momentum to get through the movement, you’re lifting too much. Take it down a notch.

5: Find a personal trainer.

Versa Gripps providing wrist protection during a female weight lifter workout

Because form is so critical in weightlifting and circuit training, it makes sense to get a personal trainer, especially if you’re just starting out. Even a handful of hour-long sessions can make a difference. Think of it as an opportunity to nail down your form and map out your fitness goals.

A skilled personal trainer will develop a workout regimen tailored to your goals, fitness level, and specific needs. They’ll work with you on proper form to help prevent injuries and maximize results, and they’ll keep you accountable and on track.

Train Better with Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps are different from other weightlifting grips. Our grips feature proprietary technology to boost your mind-muscle connection—so you can lift heavier weights and perform your best.

Multi-functional, durable, and easy to use, Versa Gripps are ideal for weightlifters of all levels. They can be used for all pushing and pulling exercises, taking the place of gloves, straps, and hooks.

Find your style and start training better with Versa Gripps.