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Versa Gripps Xtreme series being used to prevent callus rips

Calluses are thick, hard patches of skin that can form on the hands, feet, or other areas of the body. They’re a common problem for weightlifters.

When you grip barbells, dumbbells, or other equipment without proper hand protection (such as weightlifting grips), your hands can shift around the bar as you execute each movement.

This repeated rubbing and friction can damage the skin on your hands over time, causing calluses to form.

What Is a Callus Rip?

Calluses are your body’s defense mechanism, protecting your hands from injury. But when they become thick or dry, calluses can rip or tear, exposing the sensitive layers of skin beneath.

A ripped callus on your hand can make it painful to lift the bar, which can negatively impact your performance. For example, when you have a ripped callus, you might avoid putting pressure on part of your hand while lifting weights. This can lead to poor form, increasing your risk of injury.

The exposed skin under a ripped callus is also an invitation for germs, putting you at risk of developing a nasty infection.

How to Avoid Callus Rips

Ripping calluses open is painful and annoying. Here are some ways to prevent callus rips.

Moisturize daily.

When calluses are dry, it’s easier for the edges to catch on things, which can lead to tears and rips. Keeping moisture in your skin can prevent this. No one likes the feel of dry, rough hands. Use a moisturizing cream or lotion every day to prevent excessive dryness, especially if you use chalk during weight training.

Use weightlifting grips.

Using weightlifting grips during your workouts can help prevent calluses from forming in the first place by reducing friction. It can also protect existing calluses and reduce the risk of tears while you lift weights. A pair of quality weightlifting grips will distribute pressure more evenly across your hands and provide a barrier against excessive rubbing.

Soak your hands daily.

If you don’t like the feel of lotion, soaking your hands in warm water for 10-15 minutes each day is a good alternative. Soaking your hands softens calluses and prevents them from drying out and forming rough edges. Consider adding Epsom salts, which have soothing properties that can reduce discomfort associated with calluses.

File calluses down.

Gently filing calluses with a pumice stone or a callus file can keep them from becoming overly thick. Regular maintenance also reduces the chances of calluses getting too big, which in turn reduces the risk of callus rips.

Avoid picking at calluses.

Just like picking at a scab, the more you pick at a callus, the more likely it is to tear. And ripped calluses increase your risk of getting an infection. If rough calluses are snagging on clothing or other materials, soak your hands in warm water, use a moisturizing cream or lotion, or gently file calluses down.

Take rest days.

Overtraining can lead to excessive friction and pressure on your hands. Give your hands and skin some time to recover by incorporating rest days into your weightlifting routine. On your off days, go for a run, swim, or other favorite cardio activity.

Use proper form.

One of the best ways to prevent calluses is to ensure you’re gripping the bar correctly. Practice distributing pressure evenly across your palms rather than letting weight become concentrated in one spot. Experiment with different hand positions to find what works best for you or ask a trainer for guidance, if needed.

Prevent Callus Rips with Versa Gripps

Weightlifter putting on his Versa Gripps before a workout

Callus tears are common in weightlifting. The intense friction and pressure athletes endure during weight training can take its toll.

By helping you get a solid grip on the bar, Versa Gripps reduce rubbing and friction that can lead to callus formation. They also protect your hands while you train, regardless of their condition.

Versa Gripps are so much more than just palm protectors. These innovative grips are like hooks, straps, and gloves, all in a single product.

Ideal for all pushing and pulling exercises, Versa Gripps are designed for quick-move transitions. They help boost your mind-muscle connection, so you can lift more. Find your perfect pair of Versa Gripps and train better.