Dumbbell Straps for Lifting
The Problem with Most Dumbbell Wrist Straps

The heavier weights you lift, the more hand and wrist support you need. Look around at the gym and you’ll see lots of weightlifters using all kinds of straps, hooks, and gloves.

Many of the dumbbell straps you find online are simple pieces of sewn cloth or leather that loop around the wrist and the bar.

These products claim to make it easier to get control over heavy weights, but many are poorly designed. Low-quality dumbbell wrist straps are uncomfortable to use and may even increase the risk of injury.

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Dumbbell Wrist Wraps
Different Types of Dumbbell Exercises

There are dozens of dumbbell exercises, each targeting different areas of the body and specific muscles or muscle groups. We won’t list them all here, but here’s a sampling of some of the most popular exercises using dumbbells.

  • Dumbbell row – Also known as the dumbbell bent-over row, this exercise targets the big muscles of the back.
  • Dumbbell step-up – Targets the quads; increases strength and stability.
  • Dumbbell squat – A powerful compound exercise, dumbbell squats target the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.
  • Dumbbell pullover – Mainly works the pecs, but also the lats, teres major, triceps, and anterior deltoids.
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlift – This deadlift is done with slightly bent knees, which works the hamstrings and glutes more than a stiff-leg deadlift.
  • Dumbbell bench press – Whether you do it on a bench or the floor, this move targets your pecs, anterior deltoids, triceps, and biceps.
  • Hammer curl – By activating different muscles than bicep curls, hammer curls can improve your grip strength, preparing you for more challenging moves, including deadlifts.  
  • Reverse fly – This move works the rhomboid muscles in your upper back and shoulders; a stronger upper back reduces the risk of back injuries.
  • Dumbbell seated calf raise – This move strengthens a variety of muscles in the lower legs. Dumbbells add weight to help you build even more muscle.
  • Dumbbell shoulder shrug – This move targets the traps and medial deltoids.
Pro Dumbbell Lifting Straps
PRO Versa Gripps

Our most popular weightlifting grip, the PRO Series features a longer palm piece and a 1.5” wrist support that helps promote healthy circulation during pulling exercises.

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Deadlifting Classic Straps
CLASSIC Versa Gripps

An ideal entry-level option at an affordable price point, CLASSIC Versa Gripps feature a shorter, self-supporting grip piece that lets you wrap both grips around the bar independently.

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FIT Versa Gripps wrist grips for deadlifts
FIT Versa Gripps

With its slim and streamlined design, FIT Versa Gripps are the perfect choice for female athletes with smaller hands who lift weights a few times a week.anyone with smaller hands.

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Extreme Dumbbell Lifting Straps
XTREME Versa Gripps

Our toughest product yet, XTREME Versa Gripps are engineered with patented U-shaped bridging arch support to protect your carpal tunnel during even the most intense workouts.

Shop our entire collection of Versa Gripps for dumbbell exercises and train better.

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Versa Gripps: The Only Accessory You Need for Dumbbell Exercises

Versa Gripps are a game changer when it comes to weightlifting performance and safety. They’re the best wrist straps for dumbbells, hands down.

Versa Gripps are like straps, hooks, and gloves, all in a single product. Our team cares about your success. We’ve worked hard to create a dumbbell wrist wrap that improves your form and supports your hands and wrists—so you can lift heavier weights.

  • Improves Mind-Muscle Connection – Versa Gripps improve your mind-muscle connection by allowing you to concentrate on the movement without worrying about your grip. They’re the only lifting straps for dumbbells you’ll ever need.
  • Reduces Grip Fatigue – Versa Gripps feature proprietary, custom-engineered non-slip material to help you get a better grip. And with built-in arch support and a quick-release safety feature, Versa Gripps help you lift safely while reducing your risk of injury.
  • Keeps You on Track – Versa Gripps are designed for quick-move transitions. It’s why they’re top-rated dumbbell straps used by athletes all over the world, including Olympians. Simply twist the grips to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next. No stopping to adjust your gear.
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