Holly Barker

"I love my Versa Gripps! I love pushing myself to the limit in the gym and I can do that with Versa Gripps without having to re-grip the bar or quit early because my forearms give out when that is not the muscle I am trying to grow! Versa Gripps are easy and quick to put on, they don't have any long straps hanging and they go straight to work without having to properly wrap or adjust. I couldn't imagine using anything else!" - Holly Barker


Oh hey there!


My name is Holly Barker and I am a Saskatchewan born and raised farm girl.  I grew up with the world as my playground and a farm filled with horses, cows, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, cats, dogs and a donkey to complete the pack. There was always something to do and a world that inspired creative thinking, play and imagination.


I have always had a passion for adventure, education and health and fitness and am a disciple of a well traveled, educated and hard working family. I value the honest faith that I was raised with, the constant encouragement and the belief passed on to me that anything I dream is possible.


I moved from my small town to attend university in the 'big city' and although I wasn't sure what my ultimate plan was, I believed that education was my answer.  I met my now husband and graduated with a business degree which made absolute sense given my passion for math and finance.  It wasn't until I experienced a few years in the corporate world that I knew my financial freedom did not lie within corporate walls.


I took the plunge into the entrepreneurial atmosphere with my husband in 2010 when we opened our first Anytime Fitness Franchise location in Regina Saskatchewan. 


Being surrounded by health and fitness every day, it was not long before I enrolled in my first bikini competition and soon after obtained sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals – a Canadian supplement co in 2012 with whom I credit many of my successes and am still a proud athlete and representative of to this day.


Since opening our first club, my husband and I have went on to open our 2nd club in 2011, our 3rd club in 2015 and are currently building out our 4th Anytime Fitness club right now and opening this November!!


I currently reside in British Columbia and spend most of my days hiking, training and working from home. 


My passion in Fitness has enabled me to live my adventure and to express myself through photography, influence and social media.

The fitness world had a quick hold on me. It was not competing in particular that had me hooked; it was the audience it provided me to be a voice to others on how to live health and fitness in Mind Heart and Body each day...not for just one stage appearance.  Along with the competition stage, I found my voice through photography and have since enjoyed multiple opportunities for fitness and fashion publications as a cover model and feature contributor allowing me to spread my message even more.  I believe this outlook is what has me so engulfed in the social media aspect of living my life through a ‘get to’ lens.


As I have grown as an entrepreneur, influential figure and fitness enthusiast, I continue to ebb and flow my way through all of the different avenues living a healthy lifestyle provides.  From starting a coaching company, a lifestyle apparel company, creating my own app, publishing my own eBook, launching my own website and courses at (Get Fit (and stay fit), Get Published (and become a brand) and ultimately Get Paid (and monetize your passion)….anything I have wished to venture, I have dove head first in and learnt lessons every step of the way.  This is something I love about myself and hope to never change.


Present date I am traveling extensively for a few new projects, I am hosting my own Podcast show for – The Fitness Gurls Podcast w/ Holly Barker (on iTunes and all podcast formats), I am working with Performance Panties to launch my own Signature Series Thong!!! And I am starting a new brick and mortar venture that I will be announcing soon!!!! To be totally honest, I am in love with every opportunity and lesson I continue to learn about myself each day. I love the ability to share everything through my social media @hollsbarksfitness and I am absolutely amazed and honored at how many amazing people follow and cheer me on through all of my adventures. 


When life is lived passionately with purpose, we encourage a better world, one that is filled with passion and drive and never taking a single second for granted! ~ Holly Barker @hollsbarksfitnes


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Facebook: TheHollyBarker