Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises

Don’t skip kettlebell exercises during your strength training routine. Working out with kettlebells has distinct advantages. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Dynamic – Kettlebell exercises activate multiple muscle groups at once with dynamic movements that can help you achieve better results in shorter workout sessions. And kettlebells are unmatched when it comes to strengthening your grip and forearms, which can have carryover benefits in your day-to-day life.
  • Low-Impact – Kettlebells allow you to do explosive movements with less impact on your joints. They’re a great option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to mix up their routine without risking injury.
  • Versatile – From traditional strength training exercises like squats and presses to dynamic movements like swings and snatches, there’s a wide range of exercises you can perform with just one kettlebell. This keeps your workouts more interesting by challenging your muscles in new ways.
The Problem with Most Kettlebell Wrist Straps

Having the right wrist and grip support can mean the difference between a great workout or a painful injury.

There are lots of weightlifting straps online that claim to help you lift more weight, but many of these products are just simple pieces of sewn cloth or leather that loop around the wrist and the bar. Poorly designed wrist straps are uncomfortable to use and may even increase your risk of injury.

Versa Gripps are like hooks, straps, and gloves, all in one. They’re the best straps for kettlebell exercises, and the only weightlifting grips you’ll ever need. Here’s what makes Versa Gripps different:

  • Enhanced Mind-Muscle Connection – Versa Gripps improve your mind-muscle connection by helping you focus on your form rather than worrying about your grip. They’re the only lifting straps for kettlebells you’ll ever need.
  • Less Grip Fatigue – Versa Gripps feature proprietary, custom-engineered non-slip material to help you get a better grip. And with built-in arch support and a quick-release safety feature, Versa Gripps help you lift safely while reducing your risk of injury.
  • Better Control – Versa Gripps are designed for quick-move transitions. It’s why they’re top-rated straps for kettlebell exercises and weightlifting, trusted by athletes all over the world. With a simple twist of the grip, easily move from one exercise to the next without stopping to adjust your gear.
Pro Grips Deadlifting Straps
PRO Versa Gripps

Our most popular weightlifting grip, the PRO Series features a longer palm piece and a 1.5” wrist support that helps promote healthy circulation during pulling exercises.

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Deadlifting Classic Straps
CLASSIC Versa Gripps

An ideal entry-level option at an affordable price point, CLASSIC Versa Gripps feature a shorter, self-supporting grip piece that lets you wrap both grips around the bar independently.

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FIT Versa Gripps wrist grips for deadlifts
FIT Versa Gripps

With its slim and streamlined design, FIT Versa Gripps are the perfect choice for female athletes with smaller hands who lift weights a few times a week or anyone with smaller hands.

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XTREME Versa Gripps

Our toughest product yet, XTREME Versa Gripps are engineered with patented U-shaped bridging arch support to protect your carpal tunnel during even the most intense workouts.

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Kettlebell Lifting Straps
10 Kettlebell Exercises to Work Your Whole Body

Straps for kettlebell exercises can help you diversify your workout even more by helping you lift heavier weights. Here are some of the most popular kettlebell exercises:

  1. Kettlebell deadlift – Deadlifts are optimal for targeting several muscles at once, including the glutes, hamstrings, back, and core. Hinge your hips by pushing your butt back and keep your back straight as you lower the weights to the ground.
  2. Kettlebell row – This classic upper-body move works the rhomboids, lats, and biceps. Do the movement in a slow and controlled way to get the most out of it, and look at the floor to avoid hurting your neck.
  3. Goblet squat – This move is just like a traditional squat, except with weights (with both hands, hold a kettlebell close to your chest). The additional weight gets your arms, shoulders, and upper back involved, challenging your body even more.
  4. Reverse lunge – This move targets your glutes and your quads and helps you work on your balance. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest while lunging back and keep your core tight. Make sure your knees and feet are properly aligned.
  5. Overhead press – You can do overhead presses with kettlebells by letting the bell part of the weight rest against the outside of your arms. Lift the weight overhead just as you would with dumbbells.
  6. Chest press – This classic exercise targets your pecs, anterior deltoids, triceps, and biceps. You can do it lying on the floor or on a bench.
  7. Kettlebell swing – This move targets your glutes, legs, and lower back. Good form is critical when doing a kettlebell swing. Use your hips—not your arms—to thrust the bell up and out, away from your body. Consider using kettlebell exercise straps to support your wrists during kettlebell swings.
  8. Single-arm row – This move targets your back muscles and your biceps. Use weights that are light enough to control, and tighten your core to help keep you stable.
  9. Romanian deadlift – One of the best kettlebell moves out there to work your lower body, with a Romanian deadlift you slightly bend your knees; this works your hamstrings and glutes more than a stiff-leg deadlift. Use kettlebell exercise wrist straps with heavy weights to give you more grip support.
  10. Halo – This fun move works not only your shoulders and chest, but also your abs. Bend down on one knee and keep your core tight as you rotate the weight around your head in a halo-like pattern.  


If your grip is failing during deadlifts (or any other exercise), it’s a good idea to use deadlift straps—or better yet, Versa Gripps—which can help you avoid injury and overextension. Don’t wait until you injure yourself. If you're struggling to maintain your grip on the bar, it's time to give deadlifting straps or weightlifting grips a try.

No. Deadlifting straps are simply a tool to help you get the most out of your workout. They don't do the lifting for you—you still need to put in the effort. Using weightlifting straps is no different than wearing supportive shoes or using a weightlifting belt. Straps can help build strength and endurance, especially when working out at your home gym, without a trainer or spotter.

It really comes down to personal preference. Some weightlifters prefer gloves, while others prefer lifting straps. Versa Gripps are better than gloves or straps alone. In fact, they’re a 3-in-1 product that effectively replaces gloves, straps, and hooks.

Versa Gripps’ cutting-edge technology improves your grip to help prevent fatigue and injuries that can set you back. With built-in arch support, a quick-release safety feature, and one-hand grip movement, Versa Gripps offer unparalleled performance. It’s like having straps, gloves, and hooks—all in a single product.